• The work led by Sofia Dimou has been accepted for publication in EMBO R!! Congratulation to Sofia, but also to Mariangela, Sotiris, Olga and Vangelis who paricipated in this work..

    Great news!
    Gogo (Georgia Papadaki) got an EMBO short term fellowship to go to Dr. Nick Sgourakis lab in Santa Cruz California ( to perform sophisticated structural apparches (EPR, NMR, rosetta ab inition predictions, etc) to study how the cytoplasmic tails of transporters  affect function and gating from a distance. Gongratulations Gogo!

    Four very motivated young undergraduates joined the lab for an 8-week rotatiosn. Welcome to Xenia, Georgia, Yianis and Konstantinos!

    EMBO Travel Grant
    awarded to Sofia Dimou (for the EMBO meeting on Unconventional secretion in Assisi)

    Congratulations to Sofia Dimou for her work and final presentaiton of her MSc thesis..and extremely happy she is joining our group as a PhD student starting September 2019. Welcome Sofia..again!!

    We welcome Constantina Photi as our new undergraduate student!

    Extension of "Fondation Sante" Research grant extension welcomed!

    EMBO fellowship awarded to George Diallinas for a short-term visit to the lab of Prof. Riccardo Percudani in Parma University for studying the co-evolution of transporters and relative metabolic pathways (November 2018 - February

    The PI of the lab, George Dialilnas, was elected EMBO member on the 14th of May 2018.