• George Diallinas and Sofia Dimou are attending and presenting our recent work in the EMBO Workshop, Trafficking and Glycosylation at the Golgi apparatus, 16 – 19 April 2024 | Sorrento, Italy. 

    •, Harnessing protein biotechnology for synthetic biology
      Exploiting protein evolution for protein engineering, 13-15 March 2024 | Heraklion, Greece..George Diallinas will speak on Evolvability of membrane proteins using genetics.

    • Fondation Santé has selected Xenia (Georgiou) for a Sidney Altman Graduate Student Scholarship. Congratulations Xenia!!

    • George Diallinas will give a talk at Imperial College on the 8th of December 2023, 1 am.Title: Structure-function relationships and mechanisms of subcellular trafficking of eukaryotic transporters: lessons from a fungal paradigm

    • Sofia Dimou presented her Ph.D. (21/2/2023) with great success on Golgi-bypass of membrane proteins in A. nidulans. Congratulations to Sofia!!! And more important..she stays in the lab for 2 more years as a postdoc to make people realize how important this is!

    • George Diallinas gave the EMBO Keynote Lecture: Dissecting the mechanism of function of a fungal transporter: a long persistent trip from genetics to structure (}

    • Congratulations to Yiannis Pyrris for being awarded the competitive "Sidney Altman Scholarship " from Fondation Sante (only for 4 PhD students got it this year).

    • George Diallinas, Sofia Dimou and George Broutzakis attended the EMBO workshop:
      The endoplasmic reticulum: The master regulator of membrane trafficking,
        where George Diallinas presented our latest findings on the Golgi-bypass of transporters and receptors.
        Congratulations to Sofia & George who both received an EMBO travel grant!


    • We welcome Jason Gkikokai (undergrdaute student) as a new member of the lab

    • Two interesting articles from our group concerning subcellular cargo trafficking via Golgi-bypass and on how genetics show how elevator transporters work-see our 2022 publication list! Well-done Sofia, Mariangela, Georgia, Jim and Yiannis!

    • Mariangela got her PhD and goes British (Dr Christos Pliotas, University of Leeds) with BBSR:Research Grant ("Dissecting the physiological role of MscS-like mechanosensitive channels in a model filamentous fungus"). Bravo guys.
    • Our lab is very happy to announce that  Dr. Alex Pittis got the 2nd highest score (98.8%) in the ELIDEK National grants to be hosted, as an independent Research Associate,  in our lab, to carry put his original research on the Evolution and  Assembly of Neuronal Machinery (3/3/22)...Welcome Alex!
    • It is official, we got an ELIDEK grant for 3 years! The group will be joined by very nice guys..8/10/2021

    • Congratulations to Anezia (Anzie) who presented her PhD thesis today. Well done doctoresa! (23 March 2021). We are getting fewer in the lab..but this will be corrected soon!

    • Congratulations to Gogo (Georgia Papadaki) who just presented her PhD thesis. Well done doctoresa! (7/1/2021)

    • The lab is very happy to receive excellent news early in 2021! "Fondation Sante" awarded (again) a research grant to go on studying cargo membrane trafficking and Anezia's article  "Context-dependent cryptic roles of specific residues in substrate selectivity of the UapA purine transporter" will soon be published in Journal of Molecular Biology (5/1/2021)

    • Congratulation to our brilliant PhD young lady Sofia, who was awarded a 2-year PhD scholarship from the University of Athens.(2/11/2020)

    • EMBO will finance with 38,000 euro our Workshop entitled "Membrane transporters as essential elements of cellular function and homeostasis" which will take place next September (2021) in Chania, Crete. Great news since some of to the top scientist working on transporters will be there!. For details communicate with us in (28/10/2020)

    • Congratulations to Sofia! (29/9/2020) "Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is pleased to inform you that you are awarded a fellowship under the "FY2020 JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research in Japan (Short-term)" program, by which you will conduct research in Japan under the guidance of your host researcher."

    • The lab welcomes 6 new undergraduates for next year (2020-22) Xenia Georgiou, Georgia Sagia, Dimitris Dimakis, Giannis Pyrris, George Broytzakis, Bill (Vassilis) Koudounis

    • Work led by Sofia Dimou has been accepted for publication in EMBO R!! Congratulation to Sofia, but also to Mariangela, Sotiris, Olga and Vangelis who paricipated in this work.

    • Great news! Gogo (Georgia Papadaki) got an EMBO short term fellowship to go to Dr. Nick Sgourakis lab in Santa Cruz California ( to perform sophisticated structural apparches (EPR, NMR, rosetta ab inition predictions, etc) to study how the cytoplasmic tails of transporters  affect function and gating from a distance. Gongratulations Gogo!

    • EMBO Travel Grant awarded to Sofia Dimou (for the EMBO meeting on Unconventional secretion in Assisi)
    • Congratulations to Sofia Dimou for her work and final presentaiton of her MSc thesis..and extremely happy she is joining our group as a PhD student starting September 2019. Welcome Sofia..again!!
    • Extension of "Fondation Sante" Research grant extension welcomed!

    • EMBO fellowship awarded to George Diallinas for a short-term visit to the lab of Prof. Riccardo Percudani in Parma University for studying the co-evolution of transporters and relative metabolic pathways (November 2018 - February
    • The PI of the lab, George Dialilnas, was elected EMBO member on the 14th of May 2018.
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