Publications by Year: 2022

Baptism in the Fourth Gospel: A Synchronic Reading
Karakolis, Christos. “Baptism in the Fourth Gospel: A Synchronic Reading”. In Taufe und Heil im Johannesevangelium, 77-95. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2022. Publisher's Version
The Stance of Orthodox Greek-Speaking Churches Regarding the War against Ukraine: A Critical Perspective with Reference to Romans 13:1-7 and John's Revelation
This paper examines the positions of the Greek-speaking Orthodox Churches concern- ing Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine. Apart from being informative, the paper raises the theological question about whether the Churches’ various stances follow Christ’s commandment to spread his teaching to the world and to what degree they are compatible with relevant New Testament texts. After navigating through and commenting on the relevant statements of the Patriarchates of Constantinople, Al- exandria, and Jerusalem, the Autocephalous Churches of Cyprus and Greece, and the Holy Community of Mount Athos, two New Testament texts that represent different approaches to political power, namely Rom 13:1–7 and John’s Revelation, are briefly examined. The paper establishes that the positions of the Greek-speaking Churches vary between general anti-war statements and concrete condemnations of the Russian invasion and its direct or indirect support by the Russian Orthodox hi- erarchy. However, nationalism, as well as church-political opportunism, seem to be more or less inherent phenomena in all contemporary national Orthodox Churches. Hence, finally, it is up to the faithful, not just to Church hierarchies, to discern evil and speak out against injustice.