Extended Drama Prosodic Tools: Design and Aesthetics


Petras G, Tsangarakis P, Georgaki A. Extended Drama Prosodic Tools: Design and Aesthetics. In: International Journal of Music Science, Technology and Art (IJMSTA.com). ; 2019.


In this article we present an interactive toolkit for the extended vocal  performance of Attic tragic poetry in drama related to its prosodic aspects. We focus on the development of modules for the phonological articulation of the ancient text based on archeomusicological readings (related to music and language) in order to add aesthetic values to the modern performance of ancient Greek drama. These tools are based on prosodic elements (melodic, rhythmic) of the ancient text and are used to: a) detect the dynamic of the articulation, accent, pronunciation as well as the tonality/pitch of the actor’s voice (recited or sung), b) track the movements and gestures of the performer and c) combine the data which is collected by the above mentioned processes (a and b) to trigger interactive sound and speech processing during the performance in order to reintroduce the prosodic aspects of voice in ancient drama.