Publications by Year: 2017

Angelakis E, Velianitis P, Andreopoulou A, Georgaki A. " Match Your Own Voice!": An Educational Tool for Vocal Training. In: Audio Engineering Society Convention 143. Audio Engineering Society; 2017.Abstract
In this paper, we discuss the development and preliminary evaluation of a new educational tool, intended for noviceand advanced vocal students. The software, written in Max / MSP, aims to assist singing practice by providingusers with a visual substitute to their subjective auditory feedback. Under the guidance of their professional vocalinstructor, students can store in the software spectral representations of accurately produced sounds, creatingpersonalized Reference Sound Banks (RSBs). When students practice on their own, the software can be put intopractice, assisting them to match their current Voice Spectrum Harmonic Content to the stored RSBs one note at atime. Results of a preliminary evaluation showed that, when using this software, students achieve a larger numberof accurately produced sounds in a smaller amount of time.