Women Entrepreneurs, An Emerging Economic Force (Press Corner http://www.womanatbusiness.eu/ViewShopStaticPage.aspx?ValueId=2901)


Kamberidou, I. (2010). Women Entrepreneurs, An Emerging Economic Force (Press Corner http://www.womanatbusiness.eu/ViewShopStaticPage.aspx?ValueId=2901). European Commission Enterprise and Industry. Global Women News: http://www.szocialispartnerek.hu/digitalcity/news/all.jsp?dom=AAAATCEI&ktg=AAAABCOX&fmn=AAAAYFZU&prt=AAAAYFYZ&page=1&men=AAAAYFYZ Also in: http://www.dab.hu/digitalcity/entity/entityNews.jsp?dom=AAAAGVPY&hir=BAAFKBUE&prt=AAAAGRJ. Copy at http://www.tinyurl.com/hopmjox


This paper argues for the support of women entrepreneurs and policies encouraging entrepreneurship regardless of gender in order to stimulate growth  as Europe does not have enough entrepreneurs. Surveys conducted by the National Foundation of Women Business Owners (NFWBO) show that women-owned firms compete in the global market, stimulate growth, have greater revenues and are more focused on business expansion than firms that are domestically oriented.1 Women entrepreneurs have a significant impact on the economy, not only in their ability to create jobs for themselves but also in creating jobs for others. However, they constitute only 34.4% of the EU's self-employed workforce and only 39.4% women choose to be self-employed compared to 50.2% men  Research also confirms that women entrepreneurs are highly educated and use more high technology systems than their male counterparts.  Additionally, studies show that women create smaller but relatively more viable enterprises, are more cautious than men and possess better awareness regarding the risk of failure.  Consequently, it is vital for women to learn how to play the international trade game and raise the visibility of women’s entrepreneurship.


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