The Chronicle of a pre-annaounced Greek-Turkish Dialogue


Mazis I, Sgouros G, Troulis M. The Chronicle of a pre-annaounced Greek-Turkish Dialogue. Civitas Gentium. 2022;9:57-93.


Undisputedly, the 61st round of Greek-Turkish exploratory talks has not come
as something totally unexpected. Several signs at the level either of Greece’s internal policy-making processes or the one of international alliances have indicated that Ankara sought persistently for a lifeline and finally, this was given by Athens. The current paper describes analytically the evolutions before the “Greek-Turkish dialogue”, makes an extensive analysis of the content of recent agreements of EEZ delineation and proceeds into policy proposals with regard to how Greek geostrategy has to be formed while it stands critical against current strategic decisions. For this reason and on the eve of the “dialogue”, relevant questions are posed: Under what conditions will it take place? With what correlations of power at operational level? How far does Turkey intend to go in order to shape these correlations to its benefit and to what extent does Greece intend to continue to back down, given that making concessions all the time gives rise to new demands? Citing maps and law texts, this paper gives emphasis on the pathogenies of Greek foreign policy and how these are reflected onto current policies.