The Russian "Checkmate" in the Caucasus (The 2020 War in Artsach)


Mazis I. The Russian "Checkmate" in the Caucasus (The 2020 War in Artsach). 2020:1-64.


This text analyzes the main points of behavior of the Super-systemic (Russia, Turkey, Israel, EU, USA) and Systemic (Armenia, Artsakh, Azerbaijan) factors of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh following the Azeri attack, which was obviously supported in various means -both diplomatic and operational in the field- by Ankara, but also assisted by Israel in terms of armaments. An analysis follows of the self-proclaimed "Republic of Artsakh’s international legal status, taking into account
both the UN General Assembly’s and Security Council's Resolutions.
Further to that, and on the basis of the above analysis, the diplomatic and operational behavior of the Russian Federation before, during and after the conflict is interpreted and conclusions are drawn about the current distribution of power in the South Caucasus, the winners and losers, and the future dynamics for super-systemic actors: Russia and Turkey. In the context of this analysis, the Greek  geopolitical position is also considered, alongside policy proposals, which must be taken into account by Athens in order to face those important security issues marked by the redistribution of power in the Caucasus Complex.