Transitions Toward Digital Resources: Change, Invariance, and Orchestration


Drijvers, P., Gitirana, V., Monaghan, J., Okumus, S., Besnier, S., Pfeiffer, C., Mercat, C., et al. (2019). Transitions Toward Digital Resources: Change, Invariance, and Orchestration. In L. Trouche, Gueudet, G., & Pepin, B. (Eds.), The 'Resource' Approach to Mathematics Education (pp. 389-444). Springer, Cham.


This chapter reports on the work of Working Group 4 and focuses on the
integration of digital resources into mathematics teaching and learning practices.
There are five central sections, focusing on, instrumental genesis, instrumental
orchestration, the documentational approach to didactics, digital resources and
teacher education, and the design of learning environments with the use of digital resources. A range of constructs and theoretical approaches are covered in these five sections, and the opening section comments on construct validity and issues in “networking” theoretical frameworks. The chapter can be viewed as a literature review which surveys past and present (at the time of writing) scholarship with an eye to possible future research. The chapter is extensive in several dimensions: a large range of digital resources and applications are considered; the subjects using digital resources are not just teachers but also students, student teachers and student teacher educators. Issues raised in the sections include individual and collective use of resources, the adaptation of these resources for specific learning goals and to prepare (pre- and in-service) teachers for the use of digital resources.

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