Publications by Year: 2020

Conference Paper
Psycharis, G., Trgalová, J., Alturkmani, M. D., Kalogeria, E., Latsi, M., & Roubin, S. (2020). Studying primary and secondary teachers’ collaborative design of resources for algebra. In H. Borko & Potari, D. (Eds.), Proceedings of the twenty-fifth ICMI Study “Teachers of Mathematics Working and Learning in Collaborative Groups” (pp. 668-675). University of Lisbon. icmi_25_study_group_2020.pdf
Psycharis, G., & Skott, C. K. (2020). Studying mathematics teachers’ documentational and identity trajectories over time. In A. Donevska-Todorova, Faggiano, E., Trgalova, J., Lavicza, Z., Weinhandl, R., Clark-Wilson, A., & Weigand, H. - G. (Eds.), Proceedings of the Tenth ERME Topic Conference (ETC 10) on Mathematics Education in the Digital Age (MEDA) (pp. 101-108). Linz, Austria. erme_meda_2020.pdf