Meanings for fraction as number-measure by exploring the number line


Psycharis, G., Latsi, M., & Kynigos, C. (2009). Meanings for fraction as number-measure by exploring the number line. International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education, 19(3), 91-107.
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This paper reports on a case-study design experiment in the domain of fraction as number-measure. We designed and implemented a set of exploratory tasks concerning comparison and ordering of fractions as well as operations with fractions. Two groups of 12-year-old students worked collaboratively using paper and pencil as well as a specially designed microworld which combines graphical and symbolic notation of fractions represented as points on the number line. We used the students’ interactions with the available representations as a window into their conceptual understanding and struggles in making sense of fraction as
number-measure. We report on the features of the available representations from an epistemological point of view, on the design of activities aiming at creating meaningful problem contexts for fractions as well as on the meanings generated by the students by some illustrative examples of their work indicating the potential of the activities and tools for expressing and reflecting on the mathematical nature of fraction as number-measure.

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